"We strive to reduce Infant Mortality, one bassinet at a time."

Our mission is to reduce infant mortality rates in the North Dakota/Minnesota area. We provide baby bassinets to underrepresented moms and a safe place for newborns to sleep as well as bring hope to the families involved.

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Infant mortality rate (IMR) remains significantly high in America, particularly in underrepresented communities such as Native Americans.
Despite the significant spending on healthcare, the United States ranks 44th worldwide in infant mortality rate. 

It has been found that babies have a high risk of SIDS if they sleep on the stomach or side, on a soft surface, or with their parents.
This risk can be decreased by providing mothers with a baby bassinet and other necessary items to care for a baby.

About 250 babies are born per minute in the United States! Some of these babies are born in worse living situations than others. Regardless, every baby deserves to live, and we care to make that happen.

Baby bassinets, a way to keep babies safe.

About 32% of IMR occur due to SIDS in North Dakota every year. In North Dakota, 37% of SIDS deaths in infants are American Indians.

Cradlemecare. is a charitable organization

Live and alive! We care!
We provide a safe place for newborns to sleep and bring belief to the families involved.


Let’s provide a home for all newborns

Children are the future of our world. We care to save them!
Help us achieve this.

Every baby deserves to live. We care to make it happen

More than 2,000 babies die of SIDS in America every year. That is nearly ¼ of the people who die every year in motor vehicle accidents! One of the most common modifiable risk factors of SIDS is an inappropriate sleep environment for the babies.

Together we will protect the future!

Together we strive for safe sleep and keeping babies safe, one step at a time!
Safety is as simple as  ABC… Always Be Careful.