“Although we cannot prevent all cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or “SIDS,” there is a lot that caregivers can do lower a baby’s risk.  Since the American Academy of Pediatrics implemented its “Back to Sleep” campaign in 1994, the SIDS rate has dropped more than 60%!  The most effective way to reduce the risk of SIDS is the simple act of placing your newborn baby on his or her back in a crib, bassinet or bedside sleeper.”Donald Warne, MD, MPH Chair, Department of Public Health North Dakota State University

“I like it (the bassinet)… it will come in great use… small enough to transfer and the baby will have her own bed. Thanks!” Nicole LaFrinera 

Thank you for your generous donation of a bassinet to those in our care. Your kind gift is much appreciated! The YWCA Team

Thank you so very much for “Cradle Me Care” and also sharing your story with the Fargo Forum! You truly are a very compassionate young lady with a kind heart. Your labor of love to others is such a ray of sunshine in today’s world. You may never know the blessings and joy that you bring to others but God knows! Blessings to you now and evermore! Brent E. Frazier, Mayor.